Reducing Grizzly Bear Conflict

Delisting of grizzly bears a top priority for Montana Stockgrowers Association

The delisting of grizzly bears remains a top priority of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. While we continue to advocate for delisting, we wanted to provide a comprehensive list of resources for our members to help prevent and reduce conflicts between grizzly bears and producers. MSGA worked with the Livestock Loss Board to create a “Tool Kit” of resources producers have at their disposal.

Livestock producers, farmers and landowners throughout Montana historically lived with grizzly bears in the early years of state settlement. Today, grizzlies and other predators pose challenges to those who make a living from the land and value rural livelihoods. Bears can threaten human safety and destroy property. However, a variety of tools can help reduce the risk of having conflicts with bears. Many livestock producers across the state have used a variety of tools and techniques to protect heir property and maintain working ranches. Using proven tools and working together as neighbors can be a practical way to preserve human safety, maintain profitable operations and to uphold the strong ethic of stewardship that Montana producers are known for. We hope that the tools and approaches found in the Tool Kit will be useful.


Click HERE to view the Tool Kit.


Jay Bodner

Natural Resources Director

Montana Stockgrowers Association

George Edwards

Montana Livestock Loss Board

Executive Director