Montana Agricultural Political Action Committee

Montana Agricultural Political Action Committee (MAPA) was established to support those candidates that best represent the agriculture industry, producers and rural community values across the state and nation. The focus of MAPA is to collaborate and work with these strong rural and agricultural minded people, who have a commitment to work with the Montana Livestock Industry.

Your contributions to MAPA will help support candidates who work to promote Montana agricultural businesses. Contact Montana Stockgrowers to support MAPA today.

During the Montana Legislative Sessions and during the Interim, MSGA continues to have a strong presence at the Capitol in Helena representing the policies passed by our membership. Leaders in Montana agriculture know firsthand the importance that government and political action plays in the businesses of Montana’s ranching families. Through the MSGA Advocacy Fund, you can play a significant role as we tackle issues such as protection of private property rights, unwanted wildlife reintroductions, and agency over-regulation.

Can one person make a difference?

Yes! Your contribution will be pooled with contributions from your neighbors and others across the state to help support our lobbying team as they drive MSGA’s legislative agenda based on MSGA policy regarding ag policy, taxes & finance, private property, natural resources, wildlife management, water resources, livestock production and marketing throughout the year.

Following are suggested levels of giving:

MSGA Prime …………… $1,500 or more

MSGA Choice …………… $1,000 – $1,499

Chairman’s Circle …………… $500 – $999

Capitol Club …………… $200 – $499

Big Sky Country …………… $100 – $199

Grassroots …………… $50 – $99

What can MSGA Advocacy do for me?

Your day to day work is affected by a wide range of policies established at the federal and state levels. Your advocacy contribution:

  • Provides an organized and effective way to participate in the political process,
  • Holds policy makers accountable for their positions on agricultural issues, and
  • Promotes a business climate where agriculture can continue to be the number one industry in Montana.

To support the MSGA Advocacy Fund, you can make a donation on our website by clicking on the “Donate” tab on this page. If you have any questions about MSGA’s legislative efforts or the Advocacy Fund, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (406) 442-3420. Thanks again for your continued support!


Donate today to help keep ranching traditions alive for the future!