Stockgrowers name new Executive Vice President

The Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA), today, announced Jay Bodner of Helena, Mont. as their new Executive Vice President. This announcement comes after a month-long search for the new head of the association.

“After an extensive search and interview process, Jay was an easy choice for the new Executive Vice President, said Bryan Mussard, President of MSGA. “He’s been with the Association for sixteen years, he is well respected throughout the state and we want to expand on his potential.”

Bodner, a native of Raynesford, Mont., has worked for MSGA for the past 16 years as the Director of Natural Resources and lead lobbyist. During his tenure at MSGA, he also served as Executive Director of the Montana Public Lands Council and the Montana Association of State Grazing Districts. Jay and his wife Donna reside in Helena; they have two children, Anthony and Janae.


The Montana Stockgrowers Association, a non-profit organization representing nearly 2,500 members, strives to serve, protect and advance the economic, political, environmental and cultural interests of cattle producers, the largest sector of Montana’s number one industry – agriculture.

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Montana Stockgrowers Association

The Montana Stockgrowers Association, a non-profit membership organization, has worked on behalf of Montana’s cattle ranching families since 1884. Our mission is to protect and enhance Montana ranch families’ ability to grow and deliver safe, healthy, environmentally wholesome beef to the world.

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  • Jeffrey Tiberi

    Congratulations, Jay. I’ve enjoyed working with you over the years. That’s a great job and you’ll have a very interesting future. Best of luck.

    Jeff Tiberi

    • 8:35 am - June 18, 2018

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