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Beef Its Whats For Dinner FacebookDid you know… The “Beef. It’s What For Dinner.” Facebook page has reached a new milestone by recently surpassing 825,000 Facebook Fans!

Consumers continue to engage with likes, comments and shares on posts such as the Personal Beef Pizza recipe and a Tips and Technique post, which explained the differences between rubs and marinades. Each post helps the consumer make an easy, delicious beef meal any day of the week. Even the checkoff’s Twitter handle now has more than 9,400 followers and growing every day. This summer, visit the checkoff’s social media pages, see how consumers are engaging with beef information, and join the conversation! To learn more about your beef checkoff investment, visit

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Montana Stockgrowers Foundation on Social Media

Montana Stockgrowers Foundation LogoHelp Tell the Story of Montana Family Ranching

If you have been browsing Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest lately, you may have seen our newly launched Foundation social media accounts. MSGA’s Research, Education and Endowment Foundation is vital to helping our ranch community thrive…through scholarship opportunities, grants, avenues of public outreach and much more.

Members of MSGA can appreciate the philanthropy of REEF, but we don’t want to stop there. This is why we have created a social media platform for all the Foundation’s work. Having these outreach tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allows for us to have a much broader reach, connect with other foundations and nonprofits and explore even more ways we can help Montana and the world.

Like the development of the MSGA social media platform, REEF will build its network and create innovate ways to promote Montana ranchers. Even though we are one state association, the products we produce ultimately go beyond our borders and feed the world. REEF is here to help make sure this continues to happen. By using public relations strategies, we can bring in more people, organizations and foundations to help with educational programs and philanthropic endeavors.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.18.26 AMWe can’t do it alone!

If you have any ideas or information to share, please contact Lauren Chase: If you are interested in donating to REEF, please visit: Together we can help educate the future of Montana ranchers, help keep our legacy growing strong and help the feed world.

Social media sites:

***Help spread the word! Share these sites with all of your family friends! 

Digital Cafe Social Media tips

Digital Cafe: Using Facebook to share your story

When we share, we all benefit.

Facebook’s mission is: “to make the world more open and connected.” I believe we have a similar mission at the Stockgrowers to connect Montana ranchers with each other and to the greater public. According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s goal is to “give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can,” and in order to create this experience for users, Facebook continually updates its look and its features. In the last months, Facebook has pushed for a greater emphasis on visuals, with changes in their News Feed content and dimensions of wall photos. The trend for story telling is through images. No longer is a text status update the “best” way to communicate.

What does this mean for MSGA? In order to continue to tell the story of Montana’s ranchers, we need more visuals. I have been really excited these past few months because ranchers from across Montana have been sending in photos of haying and other summer ranch activities. Most of the time, these photos are taken simply with a smart phone and turn out great! I then post them on our Facebook page and almost immediately, the “likes” and comments start rolling in.

The more photos you send to me, the more we can tell the beef story and show life on a ranch. It creates a place where people can come and know that they will see authentic images of what is happening on ranches by the ranchers themselves.

There are many ways we can work together to tell our story:

  • Email your photos to:, indicating where the photos were taken and a brief caption
  • Send them as a message to the MSGA inbox found on our Facebook page
  • Upload the photos to your personal/business page and tag MSGA
  • Tweet them to us at @MTStockgrowers

As always, if I’ve thoroughly confused you, please feel free to call or write with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing more photos from you all!

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