Chase Bids Farewell to Montana Stockgrowers

Before I was welcomed into the ranching world as the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s (MSGA) communication intern in 2010, I had no idea how much the beef industry would impact my life. Nearly five years later, I am extremely proud to be an advocate for beef and for Montana’s ranchers.

However, it’s with bittersweet emotion I share my news with you all.

Lauren Chase visiting the Storey Hereford Ranch in Bozeman, Montana.

Lauren Chase visiting the Storey Hereford Ranch in Bozeman, Montana.

Beginning in September, I will be the Director of Communications for the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association, located in Murfreesboro, TN. While I am sad to step away from my position with MSGA, I am excited about the new opportunities to work with Tennessee’s cattle producers. I would not have been offered such a great job without the support of MSGA through the years. The office staff, Board of Directors, sponsors, and members have given me priceless experiences, where I developed my skills and understanding of the beef industry.

One of my favorite parts of working for MSGA was being the storyteller for Montana’s ranchers. It has truly been an honor to promote your lives, livestock, and legacies through our social media sites and in print publications. During my time on staff, we’ve been able to reach thousands of people across the world, promoting the beef story via photos, videos, and more for the Montana Family Ranching Project.

In the last year, I’ve focused a lot of my attention on increasing awareness of the Research & Education Endowment Foundation branch of the association. This foundation facilitates opportunities for youth and research throughout the state. If you want to see the future of Montana ranching be successful, consider supporting some of the foundation’s programs and events.

Lauren Chase with MSGA members

Lauren Chase (in pink) with members of the Montana Stockgrowers Association.

“Reckon upon the chief of the blessings you possess,” and that is exactly what I will do. MSGA gave me many wonderful memories and time spent with great people. I would like to thank everyone who hosted me on your ranch and those who have been a good friend.

If you ever find yourself in Tennessee, feel free to stop by. I’ll make you a glass of sweet tea.

You can reach me via email at or message me on Facebook. Stay up-to-date with all MSGA activities and announcements on the Facebook page

Montana Stockgrowers Foundation Logo

Montana Stockgrowers Foundation on Social Media

Montana Stockgrowers Foundation LogoHelp Tell the Story of Montana Family Ranching

If you have been browsing Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest lately, you may have seen our newly launched Foundation social media accounts. MSGA’s Research, Education and Endowment Foundation is vital to helping our ranch community thrive…through scholarship opportunities, grants, avenues of public outreach and much more.

Members of MSGA can appreciate the philanthropy of REEF, but we don’t want to stop there. This is why we have created a social media platform for all the Foundation’s work. Having these outreach tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allows for us to have a much broader reach, connect with other foundations and nonprofits and explore even more ways we can help Montana and the world.

Like the development of the MSGA social media platform, REEF will build its network and create innovate ways to promote Montana ranchers. Even though we are one state association, the products we produce ultimately go beyond our borders and feed the world. REEF is here to help make sure this continues to happen. By using public relations strategies, we can bring in more people, organizations and foundations to help with educational programs and philanthropic endeavors.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.18.26 AMWe can’t do it alone!

If you have any ideas or information to share, please contact Lauren Chase: If you are interested in donating to REEF, please visit: Together we can help educate the future of Montana ranchers, help keep our legacy growing strong and help the feed world.

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Lauren Chase Madison Martin Ryan Goodman #SocialBeef Social Media Training

Social Media Training and Workshop – Tennessee Beef Industry Council – #SocialBeef

Social media is an important tool for the beef industry, for marketing cattle, educating consumers and sharing farm & ranch stories. On Oct. 17, 2013, the Tennessee Beef Industry Council invited speakers, Ryan Goodman and Lauren Chase of the Montana Stockgrowers Association, to teach a social media overview and workshop for Tennessee beef producers. These cattlemen and women learned how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Instagram and Pinterest for their farms and ranches. They also heard from Pamela Bartholomew from the TN Dept. of Ag about the “Pick TN Products” program.

Goodman and Chase encouraged participants to use the hashtag “#socialbeef” in their future posts to create a community of beef producers using social media. Feel free to contact them at:


Lauren Chase Madison Martin Ryan Goodman #SocialBeef Social Media Training

Stevenson Angus Bull Sale 2011

Stevenson Angus Ranch held its spring production sale on March 10, 2011 in Hobson, MT. Darrell Stevenson was back from Russia, where he took cattle herds to establish American-style ranching. MSGA’s executive vice president, Errol Rice, attended the sale and was interviewed by Bloomberg TV about Montana beef and the future of international markets. To see photos from the Stevenson Angus Ranch, check out MSGA’s Facebook page: click here. 

Sitz Angus Ranch Bull Sale 2011

Sitz Angus Ranch in Dillon & Harrison, Montana had their 9th annual bull sale on March 9, 2011. It was the ranch’s best sale on record, with the top bull selling for more than $50,000. Check out the Montana Stockgrowers Association‘s Facebook page for photos: click here.

Reminisce Angus Ranch Production Sale 2011

AUDIO SLIDE SHOW: Watch and hear Angus bulls being sold at the Mussard Family sale in Dillon, Montana. There is also a speech from NCBA president, Bill Donald and some dancing at the end of the night, after a great sale. To see photos from the sale, head over to the Montana Stockgrowers Association’s Facebook page: click here.

A Visit to Cayuse Livestock Co.

cayuse livestock montana bill donald

Yesterday, Lauren Chase had the opportunity to spend the day at Bill Donald’s Montana ranch, Cayuse Livestock Co. Bill is the current president of theNational Cattlemen’s Beef Association, past-president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association and founder of the Crazy Mountain Stockgrowers Association. He runs a ranch near Melville with his wife Betsy, sons, and grandchildren. On this visit, the crew was freeze branding in the calving shed. His grandson William helped him feed cows later in the day. To see more photos click here and to see an audio slide show click here

Sitz Angus Ranch Calving

Sitz Angus Ranch has a great reputation of having some of the best Angus genetics. February is calving season and MSGA’s Multimedia Outreach Specialist, Lauren Chase, was able to spend a few days with the crew. To find out more information about Sitz Angus Ranch, check out their website: Sitz Angus Ranch

sitz angus ranch calving

To see all the photos from her trip, head on over to Facebook for a view! Click here

MSGA intern completes honors video project on Montana ranchers

During the summer of 2010, MSGA was fortunate to have Lauren Chase from the University of Iowa as our multimedia communications intern. Lauren spent the summer traveling to ranches across the state and putting together short video profiles of ranchers and informative issues-oriented features. This video is Lauren’s honor’s project for her broadcast journalism and anthropology majors. It highlights family ranches in Montana with interviews and footage of summer ranching life. The ranchers discuss their desire to pass the ranch on to the next generation, and the environmental and economic issues they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Also, a wildlife biologist from the USDA’s NRCS, discusses the importance of ranchers for supporting biodiversity on rangeland in Montana. Congratulations to Lauren for completing this culminating project from a fantastic summer. Thanks to MSGA’s Research, Education, and Endowment Foundation for funding the internship. Below are Parts 1 and 2. (If you can’t see the full width of the vidoes, click on the titles to watch them on our YouTube channel.)

Montana Rancher Profile: Mannix Brothers Ranch

MSGA’s manager of communications Ariel Overstreet and multimedia intern Lauren Chase interviewed the multi-generational Mannix Family in Helmville, Montana. It takes most of the members of three-brother ranch to gather cattle, operate balers, manage irrigation, prepare meals, and all other ranch tasks. Even though there is always work to be done, David Mannix says that doing it as a family is priceless. This video is brought to you by MSGA’s Research, Education, and Endowment Foundation.