Montana Ranching Family Project

MSGA’s Lauren Chase, works every day to tell the story of Montana’s ranching families through photographs, videos and audio shared through MSGA’s Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter and other outlets. Be sure to check out her new book “Big Sky Boots: Working Seasons of a Montana Cowboy” in our Shop!
  • Telling the Story of Montana’s Ranching Families

    A Montana Stockgrowers Association Research and Education Endowment Foundation Program.

    For years, Montana cattle ranchers have recognized that consumers across the world have lost touch with the origin of their food. MSGA has taken a step to reach out and reacquaint the public with ranching and cattle production. In February 2011, MSGA hired Lauren Chase as our Multimedia Outreach Specialist. Lauren is here to help Montana’s ranchers tell their story, be a proactive voice for their industry, and deliver a positive message about their way of life.

    In December 2010, Lauren graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in both journalism and anthropology. After spending the summer of 2010 with MSGA as the Multimedia Communications Intern, she had become passionate about advocating for and promoting the work and lifestyles of Montana’s family ranchers.

    With generous support from Bank of Baker, the Bair Ranch Foundation, First Interstate Bank, Montana Livestock Ag Credit, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Stockman Bank, and U.S. Bank, Lauren was hired full-time to build on her work telling the story of Montana’s ranching families. She travels to ranches all over Montana to document daily life via photographs, videos, and audio. Then, she edits the content and posts it to MSGA’s Facebook page.

    Chase is incorporating these photos and videos in a coffee table photo book compilation called the Montana Family Ranching Series. These books are intended to educate the public about ranching and raising cattle through imagery in a tangible format. The first book, Big Sky Boots: Working Seasons of a Montana Cowboy, was published October 2012 and walks readers through a ranch year. (Visit the MSGA Shop to purchase your copy today!)

    “Our hope is that people who are exposed to our content will learn about where their food comes from, that there are hard-working individuals producing these products, and that ranchers care deeply about their animals, family, and safety and quality of the beef,” said Chase.

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