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Everyone has a food choice. Some prefer convenience while others seek out and desire products from niche markets. Either way, we know that farmers and ranchers across the country grow that food. Production Agriculture in this country has been an aging population as many members of the older generation hang on to the operations for longer periods of time.

However, a new documentary film, Farmland, chooses to focus on the younger generation who has returned to the land, carrying on the traditions of older generations, while at the same time, figuring out how to make their own marks on farming and ranching. Farmland, which was in theaters this past summer with only a few showings in the state of Montana, is now available free on Hulu for a limited time. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to watch the film and it’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

Farmland explores the challenges that coming with being a young person in agriculture, following 6 individuals who range from a Texas cattle rancher, pig, poultry, row crop and CSA and organic vegetable farmers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and what additional challenges you believe families encounter while trying to pass the farm or ranch to the next generation.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to watch the film, especially those who don’t have the opportunity to experience agriculture first-hand. See what their opinions are and use it as an opportunity for discussion on how things look moving forward in the farming and ranching business.

We’ll be showing the film tonight at the Young Ag Leadership Conference in Bozeman. It’ll be interesting to see what comments surface after that groups watches the documentary.

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