The Top Hand Club is the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) “member-recruit-a-member” program.

Membership is central to our organization, and recruitment efforts by our Top Hand Club allows MSGA the opportunity to reach out to more producers and bring them together to make the vital decisions that shape the direction of the industry’s future.

The Top Hand Club has been developed to recognize those MSGA Members who continually give their time and effort to help increase the strength of their state organization, the Montana Stockgrowers Association.

To become a Top Hand Club member, current members recruit 5+ new MSGA members. The Top Hand Club recruitment year runs December 1 through November 30. MSGA Members that are part of the Top Hand Club will receive recognition throughout the year at all MSGA events.

Data related to the Top Hand Club will be compiled at the MSGA office by MSGA staff. New memberships will need to have the referred by section filled out with both the individual name of the recruiter in order to qualify and be recorded for the top hand club. New memberships must be turned in by Nov. 30, in order to qualify for the current year’s Top Hand Club. Any membership turned in after Nov. 30 will be counted towards the following years Top Hand Club.


New members can join on-line, by fax, by phone, or by mail. Membership forms can be found here.

2018 Individual Top Hand Prize

The top prize for the individual member will be a expense paid trip to attend the Cattle Industry Convention January , 2018.

The trip will be awarded to the MSGA member that recruited the highest number of new memberships for MSGA within the current recruitment year.

There is a minimum qualification of 15 new MSGA memberships. The trip will be announced and awarded to the winning individual at the MSGA Annual Convention in December at the Grand Finale Banquet, December, 2018. Sponsored by Frontline Ag Solutions and Northwestern Energy.

Northwestern Energy