Lee Cornwell

  • DistrictNortheastern
  • HometownGlasgow

Lee Cornwell represents Northeastern District and is the current president of Cornwell Ranch. He and his wife, Madylon, live near Glasgow and have 2 children Stuart and Audra. The family ranch, founded in 1892 by Lee’s grandfather, was a sheep and cattle operation until the late 1940s, when the sheep were sold and calves were kept for yearlings. Today, Cornwell ranch is a multigenerational, multiple family operations with 5 generations of family active on the ranch. The Cornwells run a cow-calf herd and background summer yearlings.

When asked what are the major challenges the beef industry will face in the next 10 years, Lee responded, “Encouraging and transitioning multigenerational family ranches to succeeding generations in a world economy.”

Email: cornwellranch@nemont.net

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