Wayne Slaght

  • DistrictWestern
  • HometownOvando

Wayne Slaght represents the Western District and is a seedstock and commercial cow-calf producer near Ovando. He and his wife Karalee have 3 children, Grant, Ben, and Nicole. Wayne has lived in Ovando his whole life, growing up on a ranch just outside of Ovando. His father started managing the Montour Ranch and that is where Wayne started to work. Wayne has been managing the ranch since a little before 1980, and around 1998 the ranch was then bought by a neighboring ranch and he became the manager on the both ranches combined, the Two Creek Ranch. The ranch is now a large cow-calf operation with three men working on it. Wayne is happy to say that he has a wife that enjoys working alongside parts of the year and three kids, all of whom have worked on the ranch. Now his youngest son, Ben, has moved back and been working on the ranch for the past five years.

When asked what are the major challenges the beef industry will face in the next 10 years, Wayne responded, “One of the most important challenges that we will have to face is finding ways of keeping our young people involved and still working on ranches because we all know that they are our the future. The other main concern that I have is the environmental issues that we deal with, making sure that we have enough ground to run our cows on and that vaccines are still available for ranchers to maintain the health of their Livestock. Because of all the predator issues that could come up in the future, I think we need to stay on the same page as U.S. Fish and Wildlife service along with the U.S. Fish and Game so that we can keep a good working relationship.”

Email: 7962@blackfoot.net

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