Week 7 || 65th Legislative Session

Listen and Kori Anderson and Jay Bodner sit down to discuss the bills affecting Montana’s ranching community.

House Bills

Appropriations Committee

HB 126 – Ray  Shaw HD 71 – MSGA supported this bill. It passed 2nd reading 94-6 and was referred to the Appropriations Committee. This bill is important because it retains MSU Extension as lead in the private applicators license training.

Natural Resources Committee 

HB 433 – Bradley Hamlett HD 23 – MSGA will support this bill. It clarifies a city or town may not condemn water or water rights if the water or water right is used primarily for agricultural purposes.

Judiciary Committee

HB 427 – Austin Knudsen HD 34 – MSGA will support this bill. This bill clarifies an owner of any property is not liable for damages or injury to a volunteer firefighter of a rural fire district, fire service area, or fire company while the firefighter is engaged in fire suppression activities on the owner’s property.

Agriculture Committee

HB 338 – Casey Knudsen HD 33 – MSGA will oppose the original bill, but have worked with the sponsor on amendments.

a. Currently Pasture Permits are only allowed through DOL for adjoining counties.  This bill would allow these permits to be issued for livestock to travel across multiple counties if they are going to the livestock owners privately deeded land.

HB 419 – Willis Curdy HD 98 – MSGA will oppose this bill. This bill would remove the provision that any movement of bison be certified by the state veterinarian as brucellosis-free. This would put the livestock at risk of expose of brucellosis outside the DSA.

Senate Bills

Natural Resources Committee

HB 124 – Sharon Stewart-Peregoy HD 42 – MSGA supports this bill; it is a water policy sponsored bill. Newly appointed water commissioners shall complete at least one educational program prior to administering water. It passed the House 98-2.

Judiciary Committee

SB 207 – Frederick (Eric) Moore SD 19 – MSGA supports as a private property right. If an eminent domain is exercised pursuant to this section, the location of any heritage properties or fossil remains on or beneath land, rights-of-way, or easements obtained for the common carrier pipeline is confidential and may not be disclosed by the entity exercising eminent domain

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