Young Stockgrowers

Young Stockgrowers is a committee within the Montana Stockgrowers Association designed to develop tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Young Stockgrowers is tailored to meet the needs and interests of young cattlemen and women across Montana. Our members are primarily between the ages of 18 and 40 and are interested in learning more about the cattle and beef industries as they return to their ranches, start their careers, or develop new businesses.

    Chair: Lacey Sutherlin, Stevensville
    Vice Chairman: Travis Brown, Sand Springs

  • Mission Statement

    Young Stockgrowers is a committee within the Montana Stockgrowers Association designed to develop tomorrow’s leaders. It affords young ag producers the opportunity to learn more about legislative process and to have a voice in their industry. YSG serves as an avenue for young ranchers to express their concerns in an effort to assist in the development of MSGA policy. With programs that directly affect the ranching community of the next generation and significant networking opportunities, YSG provides the chance for tomorrow’s leaders to be involved today.

  • Membership

    Membership is the lifeblood of the Montana Stockgrowers Association and dues revenue from concerned cattle producers drives the activities of this organization year-round. Membership is structured on a “fair-share” basis, with dues dependent upon per head of cattle—both Cow-Calf and Stocker-Feeder—for all cattle-owning members. Young Stockgrower Membership is $75, that is half of a Rancher or Associate Membership, for 3 years or until age 40. A special Student Membership ($20) is available for full-time college students to introduce young producers to the activities and efforts of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. Student members receive the same benefits as ranch members, except they are excluded from voting on policy. Additionally, for non-cattle owners, a non-voting Associate Business Membership is available. Click here to learn more about becoming a member of MSGA.

  • Leadership Opportunities

    Several opportunities are available for members to provide leadership. A Young Stockgrower Committee Chair heads up the group and two Young Stockgrowers are selected every two years to serve as representatives on the Board of Directors. Additionally, committee chairs are selected to direct various events.

    For more information on Young Stockgrowers, contact the MSGA Office at (406) 442-3420.

  • Activities and Opportunities

    Young Stockgrowers Conference

    If you want to learn more about the role government plays in the future of your cattle operation, as well as meet other young cattle producers who share your interests and concerns, then the Young Stockgrowers Conference is for you! Held every other year during the Montana Legislative session, this two-day conference—for YSG members only—provides attendees a chance to meet with their local elected legislators, get updated on current policy, and learn how to play a more active role in their industry!

  • NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference

    Every year the MSGA Research and Education Endowment Foundation (REEF) selects through an application process, one Young Stockgrowers member to represent Montana at the Young Cattlemen’s Conference. This 12-day conference, sponsored by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, takes participants on a nationwide tour of the cattle industry—starting in Denver at NCBA headquarters, stopping in feedlots and packing plants across Kansas and Nebraska, visiting Wall Street and the Chicago Board of Trade, and ending up in Washington, D.C., to visit with legislators and tour the nation’s capital.

  • Young Ag Leadership Conference

    The MSGA Young Stockgrowers was one of six leading agricultural organizations in Montana to establish the Young Ag Leadership Conference. Designed to bring young producers together from across commodity lines and enhance leadership skills and networking opportunities. The YALC is held in the fall and offers workshops, discussion sessions, and notable keynote speakers. This is a great opportunity for Young Stockgrowers to meet and network with young producers from other commodity groups!

  • Young Ag Couples Conference

    The Montana Stockgrowers Association routinely nominates several members of Young Stockgrowers to attend this conference, hosted by the Montana Department of Agriculture in Helena. The goal of this four-day conference is to assist in the development of leaders of Montana’s agriculture industry and to help young couples work together to strengthen a successful future in agriculture. To qualify, couples must be actively engaged in agriculture or agribusiness and be nominated by an agricultural organization.

  • MSGA Annual Convention and Mid-Year Meeting

    The highlights of the year for all MSGA members, these two gatherings include much more than just policy development! YSG members are encouraged to join in workshops, socials, organizational meetings and prizes! To find out what it really means to participate in MSGA as a Young Stockgrowers, you don’t want to miss these conventions.