MSGA’ s 2019 legislative platform will be focused on protection of private property rights & senior water rights, managing wildlife interfaces with ranchers and agency regulations that impact the ranching sector.

Legislative Areas of Focus

Agency Oversight: MSGA actively participates in legislation of state agencies that have oversight on agriculture related activities.

Department of Livestock: Priority to maintain as a stand alone agency governed by a producer board. Support the development of a structurally balanced budget, including funding for the Diagnostic Lab, Designated Surveillance Area, and Livestock Loss Program.

DNRC: Water Resources Division: Reduce time and costs to accomplish a water right change, create efficiencies between the Water Court and DNRC to aid in the adjudication process. Protect private water rights against state ownership.

School Trust Lands Management: Maintain state land leasing program and the 8,100 current grazing leases. The proceeds from these grazing leases benefit public schools, in 2016 approximately 19.5 million dollars of grazing fees went to support education.

FWP: Support legislation that achieves wildlife population objectives and a balanced approach for landowners. Promoting local input on any wildlife introduction decisions in their county, including bison.

Taxation: Support the elimination of the Business Equipment tax, support efforts to reduce Workers Compensation costs and ensure ag land is treated in a revenue-neutral basis.

Water Policy: Support the Prior Appropriation Doctrine- first in time, first in right. Priority to complete an accurate and timely adjudication process.

Wildlife Management: Maintain funding for state Sage Grouse Program, reduce conflicts with grizzly bears and ensure land and road access issues do not impede private property rights.

MSGA is a member of the MT Ag Coalition and Senior Water Rights Coalition.

How Can You Help?

During the 2019 Legislative session agriculture will be facing more burdensome regulations and taxes than ever before: already there are proposed landowner fire assessment fees, legislation that impacts water rights, and an uncertain future for the Department of Livestock.

In addition to these issues, it is import to evaluate and promote the candidates across the state and nation that best represent ranchers. Every day, there are less boots under the table, less people connected to agriculture.

The Montana Agricultural Political Action Committee (MAPA), is an affiliate organization of the Montana Stockgrowers Association.

  • Was established to support those candidates that best represent ranchers
  • Evaluates candidates and how they may impact our business
  • Supports candidates who have a commitment to work with Montana’s ranching sector


Suggested levels of giving:

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