MSGA Seeking Applications for Foundation Director Position

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Reports to: MSGA Executive Vice President & Foundation Board of Trustees Chair

Foundation Director will be an employee of the Montana Stockgrowers Association, charged with executing Foundation activities.

Responsible for the development of all donation procedures, grant research initiatives, and direction of all administrative and program activities of the Foundation which includes, but is not limited to;  the effective use of financial resources, coordination of all communications with trustees, donors, MSGA,  and the public, some of which include newsletters, request for proposal publications, community education, press releases, and annual reports.

Foundation Services Operation:

  • Oversight of all Foundation programs, accounts, and revenue sources to provide information to the board of trustees.
  • Establish procedures for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of funded programs; ensuring that appropriate methods, systems and procedures are in place to review programs.
  • Collaborate with the board of trustees to develop meeting schedules and agendas that meet the needs of the trustees and attend Foundation meetings.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for and represent the Foundation to its various communities to educate and inform them concerning the organization’s role, goals, objectives, philosophy, and accomplishments.
  • Coordinate with MSGA staff in monitoring financial records maintaining donor database, monitoring MOUs and other contractual agreements and funding requests.
  • Maintain contact lists and terms of appointment of trustees, calendar of upcoming events and deadlines.
  • Collaborate with Foundation board of trustees and MSGA to assist in developing new revenue sources and programs.
  • Coordinate with MSGA staff on current investment accounts and investment goals and policies.
  • Coordinate with MSGA staff on creation and distribution of Foundation’s annual report as well as other mailings such as year-end donor requests.
  • Coordinate with board of trustees and MSGA staff in creating and executing a plan to enhance donor development, recognition, and retention.

Foundation Program Operation:

Execute all duties of current programs funded by MSF and implemented by MSGA.

  • Young Cattlemen’s Conference – Coordinate application process and attendee selection with Foundation Trustees. Communicate with NCBA and selected attendees on YCC trip coordination.
  • Educational Heritage Scholarship – Coordinate and collect applications and distribute to Trustees. Coordinate notifications to winners and any invitations to Foundation events.
  • Environmental Stewardship Award Program – Coordinate with board of trustees and MSGA staff on application process, applicant selection, tour planning and sponsorship generation.
  • T-Bone Classic – Coordinate with board of trustees and MSGA staff in generating sponsorships and attendees for the event.
  • Feeder Calf Program – Coordinate with board of trustees and MSGA board of directors on developing a marketing plan, program logistics, and securing calf donations.
  • Provide staff support for Trustees at MSGA and Foundation events and meetings. (Midyear Meeting, T-bone Classic, Annual Convention, Foundation Meetings)

Professional Requirements:

This is a part-time position.

Successful applicant will require a variety of personal skills including the ability to work with board of trustees, organization staff, other contractors, and donors.  Strong communication skills, organizational skills, problem solving skills, attention to detail, ability to manage multiple assignments, excellent oral and writing skills, and knowledge of the demographics served by the Foundation also required. Bachelor’s degree and work experience in a related field preferred but not required.

Some travel will be required as this person will need to attend all meetings of the trustees as well as events such as MSGA Annual Convention and Mid-Year meeting, T-Bone Classic, and Environmental Stewardship Tour.

Most of these duties may be fulfilled from a home office or location other than working out of the MSGA office daily.  However, some presence in the MSGA office will be required for planning and coordination with other staff. It is anticipated that this person should work out of the MSGA office a minimum of one day per week, to be coordinated with MSGA Executive Vice President.

To apply, send resumes and cover letters to

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