MSGA Member Represents Ranchers at Grizzly Bear Information Outreach Summit

Wayne Slaght on Grizzly Bear Panel

This week, MSGA member, Wayne Slaght, was on a panel discussion at the Grizzly Bear Information Outreach Summit in Helena, Montana.  

The summit, hosted by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, serves to gather representatives of groups that are participating in the creation and/or dispersal of grizzly bear-related information, education and outreach in Montana.

Wayne was on the panel to represent Montana ranches and share the challenges we deal with in terms of depredations and preventative measures. During his panel, Wayne shared some of the measures the Two Creek Monture Ranch has gone to two reduce grizzly bear conflicts such as the carcass removal program his community has created and utilizing electric fence on the property. He also informed the audience of some of the measures the livestock industry has done to educate the public as well as other livestock producers.

A few years ago, MSGA and the Livestock Loss Board partnered to put together a Loss Prevention Tool Kit, which provides information to help reduce and prevent conflicts with grizzly bears (along with other predators). It also contains a list of state and federal agency contacts that provide technical expertise, information, and cost-share funding.