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Webinars are presentations that take place on the internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and provides additional education to participants.

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Upcoming Webinars

Join the Public Lands Council for a webinar on August 4, 2021, detailing the hidden costs of public lands ranching. The webinar will highlight the work of Kasey Dollerschell, who studied operational costs of federal grazing permits during her graduate studies at the University of Wyoming. Her research, funded by a PLC grant, is vital to the understanding of the investments made by permittees that go far beyond the federal grazing permit rate.

Speaker: Kasey Dollerschell
Time: 6:00 p.m. MDT
Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Cost: FREE

Webinar Recordings

Price Transparency and Discovery in Live Cattle Markets: Is There a Role for Regulation?

Presented by Montana State UniversityInitiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis (IRAEA) 
This workshop brought together a small group of experts and stakeholders that will evaluate the relative benefits and costs of proposed market interventions and offer alternatives. MSGA’s President, Jim Steinbeisser, was included on this panel.

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The Cow Calf Operator in the 21st Century: Remaining Relevant in the Future

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Presented by Boehringer Ingelheim & Montana Stockgrowers Association

Join us as we explore the relevance of the cow calf producer and his relationship with the consumer as we operate in the 21st Century.
Our goal is to investigate the knowledge that retail has to understand the desires of our consumer today. As we look forward to new marketing strategies and how to strengthen the current strategies the consumer can offer a great deal of insight into the direction that our products are being pulled.
We hope to give producers ideas and thoughts to consider as they continue to develop their marketing plans in the future. Today the beef industry has strong demand and is very resilient, therefore we as producers need to see that and continue to evolve as leaders in this industry.