MSGA Opposes HB 324, Promotes Programs like Grown in Montana

infographic about HB 324

For years, MSGA has had policy supporting an industry led program that identifies USA beef. We take pride in the product our Montana ranchers raise and believe USA beef is the best in the world.

Today we opposed HB 324, which aimed to require retailers to display placards identifying the processing source of meat in Montana. While the idea of the legislation is well-intentioned, the bill faced significant implementation challenges in regards to

  • Concerns over the Supremacy Clause under the US Constitution, the Federal Meat Inspection Act
  • Inadequate collaboration with Montana retailers, who would bear all responsibility of the bill
  • Negative marketing impact of having beef in stores labeled as “Imported/Origin Unlabeled”

MSGA knows this is an important issue to Montana family ranchers, but we believe it would be better addressed at the National level, which we will continue to do.

This isn’t to say there is no good news when it comes to beef labeling. One opportunity is the Made in Montana program which includes “Grown in Montana,” a program that builds recognition for products that are authentically Montana.

Use of Grown in Montana logo means products are grown, come from, or are derived from crops or animals within Montana. This program provides free marketing and support to Montana beef producers while adhering to Federal laws. 

Keni Reese
Director of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]