Shane Eaton

  • DistrictSouth Central
  • HometownTerry

Shane Eaton was elected to the MSGA Board of Directors representing the Northeast District in 2016. He will be up for reelection in 2018.

Shane and his wife, Tylene, live on the family ranch, they have three children: Molly, Hatty and Ashley.

Industry Involvement: Seedstock Producer; Commerical Cow/Calf; Stocker/Backgrounder; Feeder: Purebred and Commercial cow business, background calves and finish calves, sell purebred by private treaty. Returned to the ranch after attending MSU in 1997. It is a family business with 14 family members in business operations. My focus has been in the daily operations, with a focus on cattle procurement for back-grounding enterprise.

Leadership Involvement: MSGA Marketing Committee Chair (2015-present); Chairman of Dawson County Republican Central Committee (2010-present), Treasurer (2014-present); Precint Captain (2000-present)

In your opinion what are the major challenges the beef industry will face in the next ten years? Massive shift in consolidation of feeding industry which will continue to decrease the share of the retail dollar going to producers. Inability to differentiate our product to consumers among an ever increasing import environment. Ultimately enough equity and income to keep the next generation of beef producers interested in staying in the business.

Email: [email protected]

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