Montana Public Lands CouncilSince the earliest settlement of the West, and particularly Montana, ranchers have been the caretakers and stewards of open, federal rangeland. This arrangement has been a mutually beneficial one – lessees of federal lands are responsible, environmentally-conscious land managers in partnership with the federal government. In turn, these lands, in combination with private lands, help to create many viable ranching operations for rural families, contributing to local economies and the western way of life.

Our Mission

The main responsibility of the Montana Public Lands Council is to develop and coordinate unified policy positions and pursue legislative and regulatory actions that most effectively represent Montana public lands grazing users. The Montana Public Lands Council is a leading state organization in monitoring, initiating and coordinating actions on priority public lands issues in the state.

The Montana Public Lands Council also works closely with the National Public Lands Council in Washington, D.C., on a number of national issues affecting federal lands grazing.

National Public Lands Council

Public Lands CouncilPublic Lands Council strives to maintain a stable business environment for ranchers with public lands grazing permits, who are the caretakers of the range, the economic drivers of rural western communities, and providers of food and fiber for the nation.

MPLC's Annual Meeting is Going Virtual!

Join us on Tuesday, December 8 for Montana Public Lands Council's Annual Meeting

Date: Tuesday, December 8

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Registration: Free to attend

The meeting will include updates from:

  • Bureau of Land Management
  • US Forest Service
  • Montana Department of Livestock

Questions? Contact Raylee Honeycutt at [email protected] or (406) 442-3420.


MPLC is providing notice on a proposed bylaw change. As proposed, the Council would change its fiscal year from a start date of January 1 to a start date of October 1, which would align with other fiscal years managed by MSGA. The proposed bylaws change will be voted on during the MPLC Annual Meeting in November.



The Fiscal Year shall start on the first day of January October and end the last day of December September of each year.


Chairman: Vicki Olson, Malta
Vice Chair: Nick Schultz, Grass Range
Secretary/Treasurer: Raylee Honeycutt, Helena

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Vicki Olson – Malta
Vice Chair: Nick Schultz – Grass Range

Craig Iverson – Winnett

Chris King, Winnett

Warren Lybeck, Chinook

Jack Mcrae, Jordan

Rick Sandru, Twin Bridges

Johnnie Schultz – Grass Range

Jacob Smith, Glen

Tom Sparks, Plevna

Jeff Willmore, Roy (Grass Commission)

National Public Lands Delegate:
Vicki Olson, Malta